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 Dear Friends,

turkeywithvegetablegravySince I am known for my “Tina’s Tidbits”, cooking tips that make your cooking and entertaining easier, what better time then Thanksgiving to pass some hints along?


  • Everyone talks about tenting the turkey with a piece of aluminum foil to prevent the breast meat from drying out.  However, NO ONE ever tells you which side should be facing out.  I will! Tent the foil and place it loosely on the top of the turkey SHINY SIDE FACING YOU to reflect the heat AWAY from the meat and not over cook it!
  • Yes you CAN cook your turkey the day before  (especially if you use my recipe for Roasted Turkey with Vegetables which is very moist).  Carve turkey breast and thigh meat and place in a rectangular glass casserole.  Cover with plastic wrap.  Place legs, wings and neck (if using) in another glass dish and cover.  When ready to serve, pour a small amount of clear gravy or broth over meat and re-heat in the microwave.  Turkey will be just as delicious, if not even better tasting!
  • Leftovers may be frozen if you place them in FREEZER bags (not storage bags!). Insert a straw into the partially closed bag (closed right up to the straw) and then suck all the air out of the bag.  Rapidly seal the bag as you withdraw the straw.  MOISTURE IN THE AIR IN BAGS causes ice crystals to form and alter the taste and consistency of foods that are frozen.

Speaking of cranberry, if my recipe for Apple Pear Cranberry Grand Marnier relish is not already a staple in your home then you MUST try it!

And, of course, there is my Sweet Potato Pumpkin Casuela.  No need for marshmallows here!

Eat in Good Health!


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